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Dave on Design
Aspects of the important, overlooked and subtle in UX, design, management, and the world.

Hi. I’m David Millington.

I’m a product manager for a fairly well-known IDE and software development company, where I look after two products. One is large and split among several PMs, and I look after our IDE, debugger, C++ toolchain, and increasingly areas like documentation; on the other, which is a plugin for Visual Studio, I oversee the entire thing. A large amount of software you use has been built with the aid of these tools, and I can say that with certainty despite not knowing what programs you use. This sounds a better reflection on me than it really is: both products are mature, and I stepped in at the time they were already influential. Other people did the hard work of making them popular: I have followed in their footsteps as best as I can, but owe my predecessors a great deal.

I’m Australian, but live in far-northern Europe, in Estonia. It’s usually known as the home of Skype, but to me it’s a land of forests. It also gets very cold in winter.

Things I care about include:

If you like what I write, you can find me on LinkedIn. I don’t check it very often, so please don’t expect a next-day response. Good messages are some note about a mutual interest or the site. Or asking me to join your company to oversee a UI redesign!